Description: Allgemein fediverse interessiert, teste verschiedene Frontends
Description: Vírtueller Kreisverband der Piratenpartei Köln
Hometown: Köln


Description: SysAdmin | Founder @ Equinoxe
Age: 30
Location: Normandie, France
Hometown: Caen
About: SysAdmin | Founder @ Equinoxe
Description: a work in progress
Location: Oberösterreich,
Description: how can we improve democracy given human irrationality?
Description: Ahmed
Age: 20
Description: Always curious; Special interested in classic, actual Technology like classic, actual motorcycles. Special interest; product developement the resulting data and the workflow of data.
Location: NRW, Germany
Description: La clase B de los papelitos
Age: 42
Location: La clase guarida, País de las maravillas
Hometown: El útero de mi madre
Homepage: 17gf136s763cdv4recr66tvde2txe.onion
About: Responsable de la creación de las "Autorías de clase B"
Description: Alter Ego has left the chat.
Description: Das Forum im Fediverse zu Tanz
Keywords: Tanz, Dance, Art
Description: Verein zur Linderung psychischer und seelischer Leiden
Hometown: Köln
Description: Instanz Admin Kanal von Klackerhub.
Location: Bács-Kiskun, Magyarország
Hometown: Nagybaracska
About: Instanz-Admin von Klackerhub. Ich bin Dampf-Aktivist, Blogger, Hobby-Programmierer, Gitarren-Schrauber, Hunde- und Pferderetter u.v.m. und lebe in Ungarn, wohin ich vor Jahren ausgewandert bin. I am a vaping activist, blogger, hobby programmer, guitar repairer, dog and horse rescuer and much more. I live in Hungary, where I emigrated years ago.
Description: Maese Calo
Age: 37
Location: Muy noble y muy leal Ciudad de Méjico, Reino de Méjico, Nueva España
Hometown: Ciudad de Méjico
Keywords: Carlista
About: Molinista antisuareciano, Carlista sixtino entusiasta de la programática libre, pequeño comerciante, filosófo de ocasión.
Description: Single empty nester, dog lover.
Age: 45
Location: Jackson, Michigan, USA
Hometown: Jackson
Description: Sysadmin
Age: 45
Location: Granada, España
Hometown: Tarragona
Age: 60
Location: bay area,
Description: Configuration Channel A
Location: Kane County, Illinois, USA
Hometown: West Dundee
About: This is a service channel used for posting configuration-related messages. Streams is a (welcomed) fork of Hubzilla and new to me. This channel is to separate the mission content of W3PBS (Web3 Public Broadcast System) from all else.
Description: trying to identify and build tools for human reasoning
About: I used to write code for a living. Now I have the liberty to write the code I think is needed. Here is a brief description of what I'm trying to do:
Description: Single empty nester, dog owner.
About: There is a lot to tell. I tried to write an autobiography, yet after the fourth book, I still wasn't done telling the story I really wanted to write down.
Description: Spanish voice over from
Description: Here is where I am assembling a guide to modern dependency, and the history of civilization.
Location: Your local library!
Description: You would do well to remember the words of Samir Amin (1931-2018). Having made it this far, things will be expected of you.
Location: NATO