Description: The international solidarity fund for communities and the commons
Description: Ghost Writer
Description: Just for fun.
Description: Fediverse Akivist - souverän und mündig digital vernetzt - Seit 2017 im Fediverse - dies ist mein öffentlicher Kanal in dem es hauptsächlich um das Fediverse an sich geht
Location: --, Köln / Cologne, Deutschland
Description: A group for curators and editors of The Library of Good Things
Description: A Group for Development and Technical Administration of the Library of Good Things
Description: 13-year-old NixOS user and tech guy.
Age: 13
Location: Romania
Hometown: Bucharest
Description: TechSero Web Services Support
Location: NRW, Deutschland
Description: Owner and creator at
Location: Canberra, Australia
Description: Generalist, polymath, very diverse person.
Age: 30
Keywords: generalist, polymath
Description: No Bass - No Fun
Age: 61
Description: No Bass - No Fun
Age: 61
Hometown: Vetschau
Location: Niedersachsen, Germany
Hometown: Amersfoort, Netherlands
About: Here since is broken over here after the last update
Description: Demo Channel with the Blogbasic-One Theme activated
Keywords: Theme, Blog, Hubzilla
About: Demo Channel with the Blogbasic-One Theme activated
Description: A place where I can follow language/linguistics related posts. Especially interested in English, German, Dutch, Japanese.
Location: Germany
Age: 39
Location: Taranaki, New Zealand
Hometown: New Plymouth
Keywords: surfing, surf, ocean, Aotearoa, NZ
About: #surf #surfing #HIIT #Exercise I love surfing and do not do it enough. Father to 6 year old twins a boy and a girl. I have a wonderful and very understanding wife who supports me surfing between work and child rearing. I'm into Linux and FOSS, SciFi, I love watching good Series and reading the odd book or 99.
Description: At Dream Gaming, we pride ourselves on offering a diverse and thrilling array of casino games that cater to players of all levels. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a newbie,
Location: Ipoh, AZ - Arizona, Malaysia
Hometown: Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia
Keywords: dreamgaming
About: At Dream Gaming, we pride ourselves on offering a diverse and thrilling array of casino games that cater to players of all levels. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a newbie, you'll find something to suit your preferences, from classics such as Bull Bull card game, Live or Die, Fan Tan, Dragon Tiger, and Sic Bo. Its cutting-edge slot machines have eye-catching graphics and exciting themes.
Age: 66
Location: berlin, germany
Hometown: berlin
About: i normally live in india, west bengal, but am stuck in berlin for a while. i was born here but haven't been around for 40+ years. have been playing around with hubzilla earlier, running my own hub & stuff, but lost interest...not in hubzilla as such, but in social networking altogether.
Description: Political scientist studying the Court of Justice of the European Union.
Age: 29
Description: What is Social Media anyway?
About: I'm a weird little queer ADHD gremlin who's good at science and confusing straight bigots. I like making things, fixing things, learning things, and eating things. Currently I'm doing things like learning several languages, using an old letterpress printer I restored, sewing, fiber-arting, writing, papercrafting, and telling myself I do not need to take up more hobbies like bookbinding. Also I have a little garden on the miniscule balcony of my apartment, two cats, and a flatmate.
Description: Administrator of a Hubzilla directory server.
Location: Central, United States
Keywords: Hubzilla, directory
Description: The Asian Experience
Age: 46
Location: Slovakia
Hometown: Humenné
Keywords: asian, music, movies, indonesia
About: Editor at
Description: Entrepreneur, Technical Writer, Researcher. Helping people embrace life's opportunities.™
Location: Texas
About: I am an entrepreneur, small business owner, author, and researcher. I am also working on an open source project called Neuhub. I am posting from Hubzilla with Neuhub via ActivityPub.
Description: Spreading environmental awareness to the masses. We curate and share environmental news. Follow us to get updated. #climatechange #climateaction #environment
Description: I moved:
About: HealthHacker, Husband, Dad, currently living in the Grafschaft Bentheim (Germany) with my Wife and Son. Taking care of the dog, enjoying the garden, music and photography. Spending time on BSD, Hubzilla and Linux when I'm not outside as a Hobby. Mostly posting in English, German or Dutch with some exceptions in Heutsch and Danglish :-) If you can't seem to connect then I might filter some of the words you are using. Nothing personal. I am just not willing to step outside my bubble here, there are other platforms to discuss those topics
Description: My channel for photography.
About: I fool around mostly with analog cameras at a pretty basic level. Usually equipped with a Rollei 35. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- lllj | main channel | loading... ---------------------------------------------------------------------- lllj ^'-•*° | forestgarden | loading... starting spring 24 ---------------------------------------------------------------------- © All photos by lllj | licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0
Location: France
Age: 39
Location: Noord-Brabant, Nederland
Description: Random posts with art, images, photos, and more.
Description: Just some random reposts. Usually memes, photos, humour, and more.
Description: author
Age: 39
Location: Finland
Hometown: Tampere
About: I'm mostly a fanfiction author, but I have some originals I'm working on.
Description: Very Tired
Age: 33
Location: Phoenix, Arizona, United States
Hometown: Peoria, Illinois
About: Just exploring Streams!


Description: On a quest for living a meaningful life...
Location: India
Description: Fediverse news related to Decentralized Social Media, Fediverse-enabled Forums, Nomadic Identity, Remote Authentication, Hubzilla, Streams, ActivityPub, OpenWebAuth, and more.
Description: Documentation related to Decentralized Social Media, Fediverse-enabled Forums, Nomadic Identity, Remote Authentication, Hubzilla, Streams, ActivityPub, OpenWebAuth, and more.
Age: 39
Location: Finland
Hometown: Tampere
Keywords: software, dev, writing, rpg, ttrpg
About: CS student at Tampere Universities.
Description: World Nuclear News - bot
Keywords: Nuclear, Atom, Energy
About: Bot of
Description: Forest garden | loading ... spring 24
About: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- lllj | main channel | loading... ---------------------------------------------------------------------- lllj [°ō•] | photography | loading...
Age: 24
Location: North Perth, Ontario, Canada
Hometown: Gorrie
Description: Je n'ai pas le temps!
Location: Val d'Oise, France, France
Hometown: Caracas, Venezuela
Location: Taranaki, New Zealand
Hometown: New Plymouth
About: I love #surfing and reading the odd #book or two. I enjoy listening to #music, being near the #ocean and try to keep fit and healthy. I have a fantastic wife and twin kiddos who keep me on my toes.
Location: Taranaki, New Zealand
Age: 24
Location: Ontario, Canada
Hometown: North Perth
Description: Federated Single Sign-On & Remote Authentication
Description: I'm the inventor of the RON, which stands for "The (R)esidential (O)wner-operated (N)etwork". I moderate the dicusssions which is describing and develping the West Dundee RON.
Location: Illinois, Kane County
Hometown: West Dundee
About: I only connect to other RONs, which means if you are creating the RON in your own hometown - East Dundee, Sleepy Hollow or Elgin - I will connect with you to discuss your implementation of The RON. Larger towns such as Elgin should have several RONs, as the RON shall not be a corporation with employees, the RONs are private residents. Managing any RON big or small shall fit the capacity of a single person. If you make this into a "business" I will no longer credit you and connect with you, as you have built something else. The reason is that you cannot have a friend or some "employee" representing your own and your loved one's best interest. We, as the RON, are irreplaceable.
Description: Software Developer
Location: Australia
Hometown: Bezerkeley
About: Communications technologist. Internet, web, and fediverse pioneer. I build free communications tools in my spare time for free people based on common sense and what works, not on what sells. Systems integration, software development, and robot repair. Former music store owner. Plays a mean guitar, upside down and backwards. I came from the San Francisco bay area of the 1960s. Make of that what you will. I cut my teeth professionally in the bat-shit crazy world of Silicon Valley through the early 2000s, and have seen greed up close and personal -- and once played the tech startup game with gusto. I'm well and truly over it. Currently living mostly off-grid on a modest farm in rural Australia. A free citizen of the world, with no lords, no masters, no allegiance, and no brands. When the people making the rules are leading the world to the brink, maybe it's time to tell them all to bugger off and make your own rules. Cheers.
Description: Danke, dass ihr unsere Stadt nicht erobert
Description: pacomenzarbien channel
Description: I'm the GNU/Debian root of the instance, please do not tag me with content-related issues.
Location: IL, United States
Hometown: West Dundee
About: My concerns are to pay the bills, maintain the updates and upgrades, keep the hub compliant and other nonsense. I answer technology-related questions such as "why this hub so slow" (its always slow, it can never be fast enough unless I spend ridiculous amounts of money on hosting).
Description: Visit this channel to propose / read proposals regarding anything relevant In Kane County, Illinois.
Hometown: West Dundee
About: This channel is moderated for content-only. If you are bothered by someone's language or attitude, please mute or block. People sometimes post angry, drunk or high - but they come around the next day. What's important is that you stay on topic. If you repeatedly bring irrelevant subjects here, like rants about politics - you will be banned. I will not let you connect me, and I am not going to connect to you - unless you live in West Dundee, and you are here to participate in local efforts. Here are some examples: - Train people regarding how their property taxes are collected, spent, compared to the national average. - Promote the Maker Culture (3D printing, CNC routing, CAD design with FreeCAD and OpenSCAD) - Create a GNU/Debian technological expert pool to support these local efforts. - Build a tiny but resilient "data center" and gain independence from Big Tech and other controlling entities. Be polite, stay on topic, make sense in what you write, and have a wonderful day.