Description: i am an web designer
Description: I like to solve complex technical problems
Description: Interessiert an Gedanken, Menschen, Gesellschaft, Veränderung. Politische X/Mastodon Hater werden geblockt.
Description: easily distracted compter hopeful, usually on Sharkey and Lemmy
Location: United States
Description: selbstständig und in ver.di
Description: I like to generate new ideas and interact with people
Description: A backend developer with many years of experience. I am always open to new ideas and cooperation.
Description: happy to discuss innovations and share knowledge
Description: I am just interested in open source, and would like to try this.
Age: 24
Description: Programmer, black & death metal drummer, dungeon synth artist, writer.
About: I am a free and open source programmer, writer, black and death metal drummer I also do dungeon synth. I enjoy black and death metal, anime, horror movies and my pitbull. I use arch BTW
Description: Economics determines everything!
Description: CurMer
Location: Iowa,
Description: Blogger and journalist.
Location: Sweden
Hometown: Göteborg (Gothenburg)
Location: Kansas City, Missouri, United States
Hometown: HAMBURG
Description: simplex news


Description: A truly decentralized community! Registration is open!
Description: Discord Merlin1978#1019
Age: 46
Location: Kentucky, US
Hometown: Burlington
Description: An enthusiastic guy
Location: España
Keywords: software, developer, teacher
Description: Private Profile don't add me unless you know me irl
Description: Good vibes zone
Location: Cartoonland
Keywords: cartoons, humor, arts
Description: A truth-seeker with a keen sense of justice.
About: Hi, i am from Kharkov.
Description: Intergalactic Menace!
Age: 42
Location: Florida, United States
Hometown: Miami