Description: Software Developer
Location: Australia
Hometown: Bezerkeley
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Description: MATRIX
About: шо тут говорить ?
Description: Artist since 1983, experimental noise musician since 2019 (as Spukkopf).
Description: Coming soon... or not. (Pour mes contacts de Mastodon: pas de panique, "" est un clone synchronisé de mon canal principal)
Location: Europe,
About: canal principal: Site clone:
Description: Trying out as many places in the Fediverse as I can.
Location: Niedersachsen, Germany
Description: Chellooo
Location: Just around here., Europe, North Macedonia
Hometown: skopje
Location: India
Description: Hallo, ich bin Leonie :)
Location: Schleswig-Holstein, Deutschland
Hometown: Neumünster
Description: Infos rund um KDEnlive, das ultimative freie Videoschnittwerkzeug. Offizieller Fedi Kanal von KDEnlive findet ihr unter:
Description: I'm just a Midwestern Jesus Follower, Husband and Dad.
Hometown: MidWest USA
About: I'm just a Midwestern Jesus Follower, Husband and Dad. Bands like Red, TFK, The Letter Black, Starset, Skillet, & Pillar are my jam. I tend to root for the underdog. I always enjoy a good dad joke and acting silly. I'm married with a daughter and a son. Androids Rule, iPhones Drool! Open Source user. Linux Rule, Windows and Macs drool! I service and maintain electronic security alarm systems for a living. Depression sucks, but I found Jesus in that dark. Using #IAmDad hashtag all over the internets.
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Location: India
Description: We are a volunteer based Mutual Assistance Group with the mission of preparing families for disasters through a prepared community
Location: Missouri, USA
About: Our goal is to bring together like-minded individuals and families in a supportive network of Fortified and prepared facilities that provide safety, security, and preparedness through tactical training, while fostering a strong sense of community and cooperation among members. As a member of our Mutual Assistance Group (MAG), you will gain access to essential resources, skills, and expertise to help you and your family prepare for any challenge. Together, we work towards building a stronger, more resilient community that upholds the values of honor, integrity, and loyalty, and mutual assistance. We offer a supportive network of Fortified and prepared facilities where like-minded individuals and families come together to learn essential survival and tactical skills, enhance their security, and build a strong sense of community. Our Mutual Assistance Group (MAG) provides access to resources, expertise, and training to help you and your family thrive during challenging times. Together, we uphold the values of honor, integrity, and loyalty while working towards a resilient community that stands strong in the face of adversity.
Description: This is a public forum you can use for testing Neuhub themes.
Description: here i'm testing the awesome HZ thems of scott
Keywords: Tester, Theme, Hubzilla, Streams
Description: butineuse
Age: 59
Location: Drôme,
Description: Landree Chenoa Strosenberg, Author & Philosopher
About: L.C. Strosenberg (Landree Chenoa Strosenberg) is an author and philosopher that specializes in political science, social studies, economics, business, and the school of hard knocks.
Description: ✊ Communist actuality ☭
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Description: Film music production
Location: London, United Kingdom
Hometown: London
Description: Hubzilla main channel
Location: Pirkanmaa, Finland
About: I'm introverted (INFJ) person who likes to tinker different software on Linux. My main interests are in privacy and security. I have been working in IT business almost 20 years in different roles. Recently I have been working as an IT infra architect, designing and implementing different platforms.
Description: SysAdmin, Photographer, 29yo
Age: 29
Description: The Boss!
Description: The ...
Location: Main Frame, Ai
Hometown: Chip 100092219823227177333282910128107332
Description: Mad☧ Developers Group
Description: Support for Mad☧ Schola Fabrum Developers
Description: Support for issues related to the local hub.
Description: General group for the Mad☧ / Dark Shore Schola Fabrum Community members
Description: Updates and announcements that affect the Biztechtonics community, such as notifications about maintenence and site upgrades.
Location: Texas, USA
Hometown: Fairbanks, AK
About: A thing isn't wrong because it's illegal, a thing is illegal because it's wrong. When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.
Description: Synchronized Meditation Project 365 Projekt Synchronicznej Medytacji 365
Age: 50
Location: Podkarpacie, Polska
Hometown: Przemyśl
About: Interesuję się medytacją samo uzdrawiającą starożytnej tradycji buddyzmu tybetańskiego Yundrung Bon. I'm interested self healing meditation of ancient tibetan buddhist tradition of Yundrung Bon.
Description: tester
Description: Entrepreneur, Technical Writer, Researcher. Helping people embrace life's opportunities.™
Location: Texas
About: I am an entrepreneur, small business owner, author, and researcher. I am also working on an open source project called Neuhub. I am posting from Hubzilla with Neuhub via ActivityPub.
Description: Austausch mit überwiegender Musik aus den 70igern, sowie weiterer Interessen-Austausch/Erfahrungen über Sport, Fussball, BVB, Auto, Tuning, Mercedes
Location: Nordrhein-Westfalen, Deutschland
Hometown: Dortmund
Description: Admin
Age: 58
Location: Bács-Kiskun, Magyarország
About: E-Dampfer, Blogger, Ungarn-Auswanderer, Fediverse-Unterstützer, Hunde- und Pferderetter… Vaper, Blogger, Emigrant to Hungary, Fediverse Supporter, Dog and Horse Saviour.... #ungarn #hungary #magyarország #vape #linux #gitarre #guitar #selfhost #s04 #discworld #scheibenwelt #pratchett #hubzilla #pfrunzel
Description: Infos und Erfahrungsberichte zu Upcycling Android
About: Hier findet Ihr Infos und Erfahrungsberichte zu Upcycling Android. Es finden regelmäßig auch Treffen und Workshops statt - Termine dazu findet Ihr im Kalender. Wenn ihr mich Kontaktieren möchtet geht das gut über meinen FEDI Kanal: oder direkt per Email über (dieser Kanal nutzen Infomaterial der "Upcycling Android" Kompanie der FSFE ist aber ansonsten nicht mit der FSFE leiert )
Description: sthaydn auf (streams)
Location: Bayern, Deutschland
Hometown: Mainburg
Age: 35
Description: An occasional Tourette outburst of wisdom.
Keywords: #quote, #wisdom, #funny
Description: Retired geek who is now a van-life nomad.
Location: The world.
About: Started programming computers in the 1960s. Became a Biomedical Engineer from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and Albany Medical School. Graduate study at Brooklyn Poly. Worked in the field, and then technical marketing, and then free-lance. In 2012, kept one client, sold the house and everything, and went full-on digital nomad. Traveled around the world. In 2016, bought a Sprinter and started living in it.