Description: nerd looking for friends in the fediverse
Age: 38
Location: Masschusetts, United States
Description: Gruzja z bliska. BARDZO bliska...
Age: 53
Location: Adżaria, Gruzja
Hometown: Batumi
About: 12 lat między Gruzją a Polską, 6 lat w gruzińskich nieruchomościach. Byłem jednym z pierwszych, widziałem wiele, a jeszcze więcej - dopiero zobaczę }:->
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Description: Ist erst mal zum Testen ob ich mit Hubzilla klarkomme
Age: 69
Location: NRW, Deutschland
Hometown: Bonn
About: Was man über mich wissen will/darf, ist alles auf meiner Homepage zu finden
Age: 29
Location: Uttar Pradesh, India
Hometown: Allahabad
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Age: 29
Location: Uttar Pradesh, India
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Description: Tech & biodiversity, research, sustainability
Description: Social hub of gallery and open culture internet server. See more on homepage.
Location: Prague, , Czechia
Hometown: Prague
Keywords: art, research
Description: Trans♀ Ⓐ informatique, logiciel libre 💻, squats🏚, radio libre 📻, culture urbaine 🏙, street art, rock 🎸 , cuisine veg, permaculture 🌱, Café ☕, nuit 🌆, chats🐈
Age: 30
Description: KI - Künstliche Intelligenz | TK - Telekommunikation | IT - Informationstechnologie
Description: Altermondialiste libertaire et linuxien octocœur.
Location: Normandie, Terre, Système solaire
Description: Training in japanischen und koreanischen Trommeltänzen (Taiko, Eisa, Pungmul / Samulnori) in Basel
Location: Basel, , Schweiz
About: Das tr'ensemble-Training ist ein sportliches Training, das die Bereiche Trommeln, Tanz und Melodie (Gesang oder Blasinstrumente) umfasst. Wir erarbeiten Stücke aus den festlichen Bräuchen Wadaiko / Taiko (von der japanischen Hauptinsel), Eisa (aus Okinawa) und Pungmul bzw. NongAk / SamulNori (aus Korea). Die Choreografien, Rhythmen und Melodien sind während Jahrhunderten überliefert worden. Charakteristisch für diese Traditionen und unser Training ist, dass der gesamte Körper und Geist voll aktiviert und in Schwung ist — es macht keinen Unterschied, ob wir dabei eine Trommel, einen Gong oder eine Bambusflöte spielen, singen oder uns "nur" bewegen. Das heisst, Musik und Tanz sind immer eins. Mehr... →
About: Not so long ago I started using a specialized tool that helps identify passive voice errors! This tool has been designed to simplify the process of checking and identifying a bug! Good luck friends!
Description: Only active instances(more than 1 month down server is excluded). Peers crawling 1-2x per day. Update statistics every 2h.
Location: Czechia
Hometown: Praha
Description: An analogue / digital hybrid with a love of Tommy Cooper.
Location: Glasgow, Scotland
Hometown: Glasgow
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Age: 33


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About: AKO Printing Technology Shanghai limited was founded in 2010, which is a high-tech enterprise engaged in research, development and production of self-adhesive materials. The biggest factory was founded in China. And AKO starting Global layout in Asia countries and Europe since 2020. With a presence 5 production, slitting and distribution centres, over 30,000 customers and 4,500 employees worldwide, AKO Group is committed to providing global customers with overall solutions and extreme cost-effective products that exceed customers' expectations. AKO label printing factory have developed from a traditional extensive development model to an environmental label model that pays more attention to "inner beauty" when printing web labels for customers. For one, they don't require any extra manufacturing steps or materials, like paint or other adhesives, in order to stick to a surface. They also don't create any waste in the form of scraps or excess adhesive. Plus, when they're used for packaging, they can be easily recycled or composted.
Description: just futzing around
Age: 60
Location: Rhode Island, USA
About: Retired, cis, he/him. I read and watch mostly #ScienceFiction, plus some vintage/period #Mysteries. And lots of #YouTube. I pointlessly configure my file manager (#DoubleCommander), text editor (#KDEKate), and browser (#Firefox) a lot. On #LinuxMint, which I've used since December 2021. A dull life by any objective measure, but I've never had success with people.
Description: The Pâtissier
Age: 39
Location: Eastern Cape, South Africa(Booooo!)
Hometown: East London
About: I like to bake and right now in this part of my life I am learning business skills by observing Shark Tank thoroughly.
Description: The Best Online Degree Programs That Are Accredited
Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Hometown: Dubai
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Description: Discovering Hubzilla
Description: supervisor
About: Site Supervisor
Description: Here for the sweetest man in the whole world, who isn't here yet... a place to keep alive the parts of my soul he rekindled when I was led to him ✨💗🫂🙏
Description: The Technomancer!
Age: 36
Location: Eastern Cape, South Africa
Hometown: East London
About: I like playing with ones and zeroes.
Description: Als ein Team mit vielfältigen Erfahrungen aus unterschiedlichsten Branchen besteht unsere Stärke darin, diese Expertise innovativ zu kombinieren.
Location: Ehrenfeld, NRW, Deutschland
About: dGIT.Services ist eine Marke von Die Groschenberge. Als ein Team mit vielfältigen Erfahrungen aus unterschiedlichsten Branchen besteht unsere Stärke darin, diese Expertise innovativ zu kombinieren. Unser Schwerpunkt liegt dabei im Umfeld der OpenSource Welt.
Description: Welcome Channel
Location: Falkenstein, , Deutschland
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About: Administrator!!!
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About: | Caban 12 | Rote kristallene Erde | red crystal earth |
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Description: trans girl, maybe binary, maybe not, who honestly knows??? trying hubzilla to see if i prefer to mastodon
Location: england :(
About: Студент, 21 год,увлекаюсь околоайтишным, криптошиз (недо) Рад знакомствам
About: Tell us about yourself text
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Description: Freedom of Speech
Description: Produktmanager Open Source bei Dataport. Arch Linux User. „Digitalisierung im Kopf, Open Source im Herzen!“
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About: No more fuckin' Nazis!
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