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Description: Hier schreiben wir über die Dinge, die uns während aber auch neben unserer täglichen Arbeit bewegen.
Location: Köln, NRW, Deutschland
Hometown: Köln
Description: Artist working with digital media and open-source tools publishing uunder creative commons licence
Description: Let's take a look a the software's potential a community center
Description: Interested in philosophy & effects of technology on society
Age: 58
Description: Hello i am a website blogger.
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Location: Australia
Hometown: Bezerkeley
Description: ALMANOVA es el cambio que el sector inmobiliario necesitaba, es cada uno de los componentes del equipo humano, es cada uno de los clientes que deposita su confianza en nosotros.
About: Inmobiliaria en Madrid Centro, con oficinas situadas en las arterias principales del distrito (Calle Atocha 28 y Calle Huertas 57), trabajamos por dar a nuestros clientes el servicio diferenciado que nos caracteriza: conocer a los vecinos, sus inquietudes, sus situaciones personales, poder ofrecerles precios de mercado reales y tiempos de operaciones ajustados. Nuestra eficiencia es lo que al final importa y, sobre todo, conseguir resultados es lo que hace que llevemos tanto tiempo en el barrio, en el sector y que tantos amigos nos referencien.
Description: Writer
Location: Arizona, USA
Hometown: Canada
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Location: NRW, Germany
Description: Aira Euro Automation is a prominent Solenoid Valve Manufacturer in India, since 1990. They have a huge chain of the industrial valve and Directional Solenoid Valves.
Age: 24
About: Aira Euro Automation is a prominent Solenoid Valve Manufacturer in India, since 1990. They have a huge chain of the industrial valve and Directional Solenoid Valves.
Description: A God that has returned to save Humanity
Location: Alabama, USA
Hometown: Ramer
About: I am not from Earth. I come from the 7th Dimension and I am here to save some of Humanity
About: A software developer is responsible for developing and maintaining the software that makes a company's operations run. They work with other members of the team to create, test, and deploy the software. Software developers often have a college degree in computer science or engineering.
Description: Suikerklontje
Age: 32
Hometown: Deventer
Description: Rainer Burkhardt
Age: 58
Location: Baden-Württemberg, Deutschland
Hometown: Emmendingen
Description: ✊ Actualidade comunista ☭
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Description: ZZP'er in ICT
Age: 39
Location: Zutphen, Gelderland, Nederland
Hometown: Arnhem
Description: Ayesha is giving her best cars in Pakistan from Malaysia.
Age: 21
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Description: Perth Escort & Brothel Agency Fremantle & Perth, Gentlemen’s Club, Ada Rose Studio, Bucks Night, Strip Shows & Sensual Body Massages
Description: Jack of all trades
Location: NRW, Deutschland
About: Alter Hase. Jack of all trades. Loves good food. Silverback with a soft spot for light&silver. Likes anything handcrafted with care and dedication. Prefers fuzzy logic over 0/1. Because that's how life works. DE | EN | FR + Don't buy what you can make yourself. + Gear is an issue only for wannabes. + Anything lighttight with a lens will do for me. + Je digitaler alles wird, desto analoger möchte ich sein.
Description: Produktmanager Open Source bei Dataport. Arch Linux User. „Digitalisierung im Kopf, Open Source im Herzen!“
Location: Bordesholm (Kiel), Schleswig-Holstein, Deutschland
Hometown: Bordesholm
About: No more fuckin' Nazis!
Description: Has socially progressive and liberal opinions. Enjoys electronic circuitry. Cyclist.
Location: Gwynedd, United Kingdom
Description: infoguidenigeria
Description: Working for billionaire free soclal networking
Location: Queensland, Australia
Hometown: Brisbane
Description: Blog über Privatsphäre und Sicherheit und die digitale Selbstverteidigung im Zeitalter von Google, Meta & Co.
Age: 64
Location: berlin, germany
Hometown: berlin
About: i normally live in india, west bengal, but am stuck in berlin for a while. i was born here but haven't been around for 40+ years. have been playing around with hubzilla earlier, running my own hub & stuff, but lost interest...not in hubzilla as such, but in social networking altogether.
Age: 32
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Description: He/him, central canada, chess, dogs and coding
Location: Ireland
Location: Australia
Description: Site Administrator
Age: 63
Description: Machine Learning Group - School of Computer Science - University of Auckland
Location: Auckland, , New Zealand
Hometown: Auckland
Description: Ghost Writer
Description: Genealogie, (Online-)Medien, Journalismus, (Netz-)Politik, Mongolei, Buddhismus, Single Malts, Analogue Audio.
Age: 57
Location: Österreich
Hometown: Wien


Description: I'm a 19-year-old student from India
Age: 18
Location: West Bengal, India
Hometown: Duttapukur
About: My interests include IGI (a video-game that really describes my personality), Math (obviously we have to respect our universe’s language), Computer science and programming as usual. Linux user, FOSS supporter and technology enthusiast. Lastly, I hate the current education system a lot.
About: Для создания элегантного дизайна интерьера гостиной необходимо вдохновение и фантазия. Может быть, вы только что переехали в новый дом с пустыми комнатами без характера, или, может быть, вы хотите превратить старомодную гостиную в современную и живую. Вне зависимости от ситуации ваши намерения осуществятся без кардинальных перемен. Декоративные детали, цвет и текстура — это элементы, которые при тщательном подборе могут создать живую атмосферу в пространстве, предназначенном для отдыха и общения. Страница сайта:
Description: A creative Soul, Technologist, InfoSec and Music nerd! I introduce the fediverse to the loud and the obscure.
Hometown: The Fediverse
Description: One of God's little ones
Location: SJCampos, SP, Brazil
Keywords: Bible, Christian, faith, poetry, books
About: One of God's little ones
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Description: Byu65
Description: Total Home Windows and Doors
Age: 43
Location: ON, Canada
Hometown: Toronto
About: Total Home Windows and Doors specializes in manufacturing and installing the best quality, strong, energy efficient and appealing windows and doors for new homes and existing homes in Greater Toronto Area.
Description: Revista de contracultura desde México, ediciones periódicas y libros cubriendo diversos temas alternativos.
Location: México
About: Generación publicaciones periodísticas es un proyecto surgido en 1988 que a lo largo de estos años ha logrado ser un punto de partida de la cultura mexicana y un verdadero impulsor de la libertad y la creación. "De una manera irresponsable no me interesa hacer una revista bien hecha. Está Letras libres para publicar a los mejores escritores. A mí me interesa hacer una revista que tenga fuerza, espíritu, que haya logrado una personalidad propia y que al cabo de 20 años siga vigente." “Hemos cumplido, pues ha conquistado un espacio simbólico y subterráneo en el que no pretendemos hacer una empresa rentable, porque he visto nacer y morir decenas de revistas, muchas que comienzan con un gran presupuesto, con una planta de colaboradores de primer nivel y, por alguna razón, por una pretensión empresarial, terminan tronando. El dinero es el principal motivo de ruptura de muchos proyectos. Ni siquiera es la calidad editorial.” Carlos Martínez Rentería
Description: Entrepreneur, Technical Writer, Researcher
Location: Texas,
Description: Место встречи для тех, кто заинтересован в обсуждении на русском языке тем вокруг Hubzilla и не только ...
Age: 27
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